Coming fresh off of a redesign, Virtua needed a sound strategy to elevate their brand and improve user experience without having to start over again. 

The Virtua for Life brand extension/new position and campaign was a result of looking at the Virtua Health model of care and how patients can be followed within the system for their whole life. The Virtua for (blank) transitions are an affect of the holistic view of the system and their specialities.

The website redesign looked to bring relevant information to the front of the website, allowing for content calendars specific to their offerings and specialities while simultaneously delivering seasonal health tips and information. The redesign also took into consideration the immediate needs of a visitor and streamlining the processes of making appointments, contacting doctors, and searching for services.

Role: Strategy/Creative Direction/Design
Agency: Punch / Focus MX / Smith Gifford - Freelance
Campaign in progress