V8 Vegetable Juice is the foundation of what has become a robust beverage line for Campbell’s, but the foundation was beginning to show some signs of age. The challenge was to reinvigorate the the V8 ‘red’ line of juices ahead of a series of product innovations to strengthen the entire line.

Describe the Indescribable was created out of a need to create a cohesive campaign across multiple channels - a secondary requisite.

An integrated campaign approach was dependent on a paradigm shift that enabled agency partners to work as one, instead of in silos. The power of Describe the Indescribable was the ability to seamlessly integrate into any channel without any dissolution of the larger concept.

Television kicked-off the campaign while ultimately directing to the Describe the Indescribable microsite.


High stylized and disruptive banner ads followed a consumer through his epiphany of describing V8 with a made-up word. All banners directed to the microsite experience for Describe the Indescribable.

The Describe the Indescribable microsite acted as a hub for all social media amplification, enriched interactions, and a message center for other extensions of the campaign. The Vocabulator was the hero of the experience, allowing users to describe V8 in a tongue-in-cheek experience that created new words using a combination of user selected words. These words were the anchor of the digital campaign, extending into other social media channels including Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter.

The site was developed to be responsive and device agnostic, thus opening up to a larger and younger audience. This was the first site of it’s kind for Campbell’s.

Hero words were illustrated and syndicated amongst social media channels, as well as used in other non-digital extensions.

Results: 25% year-end growth for V8 ‘red’
Role: Strategy/Creative Direction/Design
Agency: G2