Zio Gio; a fast Italian restaurant concept came to us with the unique challenge of understanding how to make the concept more scalable while strengthening the brand. Our approach was to recreate Zio Gio from the ground up as a fast and fresh Italian quick service restaurant, repositioning them within an increasingly crowded space.

Concept 1 - Focused on the delivery of the food and brough a fast logo to the table with a sleek use of black unfamiliar to the space - reminiscent of Vespa and Italian sports car culture.


Concept 2 - We took the approach of being authentic to the vibe and feeling of being a South Philadelphian street food brand. Being reminiscent of those moments in South Philly when everyone's name was called by their mom from their row-home window to come and get dinner. Acknowledging that the store would need to be flexible in opening in other locations, other options for the brand were shared.

Role: Strategy/Creative Direction/Design
Agency: Aloysius Butler & Clark

Project is ongoing.