Sponsors are the backbone of revenue for all professional sports leagues. The National Hockey League in particular recognized the need to innovate beyond imprinting logos on the boards to create a lasting and powerful platform for sponsorship engagement that would benefit the league and individual teams.

The challenge to understanding the NHL, is the ability to understand that each of the thirty teams markets and challenges were unique enough that a one size fits all approach could only happen through a shared platform. Research and interviews lead to a direction that would focus on the video content that all teams and the league shared through their omni-channel approach.

An innovative layered approach to video produced contextual content opportunities for sponsors; both local and national, along with driving commerce for the NHL and teams. By approaching video this way, each layer provides an opportunity for revenue.

Using new video tagging technologies, highlight films link directly to featured player merchandise on click or pause. Depending on the team or league site, different ‘heroes’ and ‘sidekicks’ are assigned, keeping the shop contextual to the location a user is accessing the video.

Heatmap technology for Center Ice products gives fans the ability to track goals, fights, penalties, and other important plays by leveraging chatter on social media channels. National sponsors were given the opportunity to sponsor this layer, with heat map scrubbing leading to rich media bumper ads.

The last layer provides local sponsors the ability to feature live streams and sponsored posts along with content provided by the fans as they share their excitement before, during, and after games.

Role: Strategy/Creative Direction/Design
Agency: Punch - Freelance