Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) was looking to launch Empliciti (Elotuzumab) as a groundbreaking new treatment for multiple myeloma. By activating "Natural Killer Cells" in the body, Empliciti attacks the cancer with fewer side-effects.

To launch this new treatment we created a non-branded website for health care providers to familiarize and educate themselves with the brand, mechanism of action, and availability. Based on data the new website was designed with an editorial approach for quick education. At the same time this unbranded site collected useful data that informed the educational aspects of the branded site experience.


The healthcare professional site was designed within the parameters of the BMS standards and spoke to all the key information points about the Mechanism of Action, Efficacy, Safety, and Dosing & Administration. The branded message spoke to a loftier efficacy than previous messaging, and was based on learnings from the unbranded site.

An interactive visual aid (iVA) was created to support the BMS salesforce team in educating physicians of the new treatment options available by Empliciti. This educational iPad application was created to also collect data and feedback on approaches to educate physicians in the future.

Role: Strategy/Creative Direction
Agency: Cadient Group